Wood for a nice ambience

Wood for a nice ambience

Today it's all about wood! There is a lot of wood in interior design. Starting with furniture, parquet, wooden walls or wooden ceilings. Wood brings a lot of texture to your home and can be used in so many ways.

However, finding the right shade of wood for you is not easy. But there are a few tips to help you find the right tone for your home!

1/ Find the undertone for your wood

Wood tones have different undertones - they are either warm or cool. Warm undertones are red, orange and yellows. Cool undertones are blue, gray and black.

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2/ Stick to your undertone

Once you've decided on an undertone, stick to it throughout the room. If you've decided on a warn wood tone, stick with it, because warm and cool undertones don't go well together.

3/ Tips for mixing wood tones

Limit the wood tones in your room to 3. We don't want to overdo the wood in any room. Choose a dominant wood piece to start, then add pieces that complement the dominant wood tone.

Ceiling beams and hardwood floors should be similar or the same color. You should not combine dark bars with light floors or vice versa.

Try different contrasts - darker and lighter pieces of wood (always within the same undertone).

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4/ How to combine wood tones

4/ How to combine wood tones

If you use a lot of wood in your space, you can soften it with rugs and textiles. It breaks up the overall picture and is actually a great addition to your wood pieces. Upholstery and curtains also help soften your space and give it a finished look.

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I wish you a lot of fun with your decoration.

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