5 things to consider when choosing a sofa

5 things to consider when choosing a sofa

In my home, the sofa is one of the central places. The whole family comes together here. In the morning to start the day with a cup of hot chocolate and coffee and in the evening after dinner to end the day. That means it is a piece of furniture that the whole family should definitely feel comfortable on.

The sofa is also probably one of the most expensive pieces of furniture most of us will ever buy. In living room design, it is often the central starting point for any further decoration. There are so many choices of different sizes and designs. So how can you choose the right sofa for you?

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I have put together a few practical tips for you:

1. Room size

The size of your living room is of course an important aspect when choosing a sofa. Because before you buy a new sofa you should absolutely be sure that it will fit into your living room. It's not just about size, it's also about proportion. A small low sofa could get lost in a room with high ceilings, while a large high sofa could be too dominant in a room with low ceilings.

2. Seats

Of course, there should be enough space on the sofa for all family members. If you often have friends coming over, you should also take that into account. But it is also important to consider how you use your sofa. How do you spend your time on the sofa?

Do you often lie down on the sofa to read a book, watch TV, relax or even take a nap? Then your sofa should definitely be long and wide enough. Maybe also offer the possibility to lie on it for two. In this case, also make sure to choose a sofa with low armrests to avoid that you lie or sit uncomfortably due to steep sofa backrests.

Or maybe you prefer to sit on your sofa. Then you should make sure that your sofa has a comfortable backrest.

You can often choose between several sizes for a sofa model.

3. The style

Style is very important to think about when making a new purchase. If you are completely redesigning a room, you are free to choose. However, make sure that the sofa suits to you and the rest of your home style. The rest of the decoration builds on that of the sofa style.

If you put a new sofa in a living room where the surroundings remain, then make sure that it fits harmoniously into the concept. For example, if you have a modern room design, a modern sofa will also fit into the environment and give your room an elegant look.

4. Fabric or leather

The fabric of your new sofa is also an important point. Do you prefer a classic linen fabric, a warm Alcantara or leather? The sofa must feel "right" to you, because you would like to sit or lie on your sofa. In any case, pay attention to good quality, because if a sofa is used frequently, the fabric should not wear out too quickly.

If you redecorate your living room often, then I recommend you to choose a sofa in a neutral fabric and color. Depending on the season or trend, you can decorate new cushions or plaids.

5. Comfort

Your new sofa should offer perfect comfort. I do not recommend buying a sofa that you are not 100% sure will it provides the best comfort for you and your family. Pay attention to the fabric, the length, the height of the backrest and the depth of the seat.

What you find comfortable is your personal feeling. Think about what you like best about sofas, what kind of experiences have you already made with sofas? If you're not sure, go to a furniture store and try out different sofas.

I hope I was able to help you with my sofa buying tips to choose a sofa that suits you and your family perfectly. If you need further help, I am at your disposal as your deco coach.

Have a nice day and take care

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