Rentrée - Schulbeginn 2020/2021

Rentrée - Schulbeginn 2020/2021

What? The holidays are already over and school days are coming? Already? As always, the holidays are too short.

We also see the "Rentrée" on September 1st. This year will be a slightly different start to school for everyone.

But - that the start of school is not too difficult, a nice kids room with a comfortable office chair, a great desk and a nice decoration will help!

A kids room is something very personal. It's a retreat, but also a place where friends are welcome. Here kids study hard, but also laugh, play and exchange secrets.

Here are a few ideas for girls and boys!

Rentr e Buerostuehle1

Rentr e Buerostuehle 2

Rentr e Schreibtische1

Rentr e Schreibtische 2

Rentr e Deko 1

Rentr e Deko 2

Have a good start everybody !!

Take care,

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I am looking forward working with you!

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