Bathroom: 9 Deco tips for a modern Mediterranean bathroom

Bathroom: 9 Deco tips for a modern Mediterranean bathroom

Would you like to redesign your bathroom

Here are a few tips to help you decorate your bathroom in a modern Mediterranean style with ethnic elements.

1. Sketch
Make a drawing of what your bathroom should look like afterwards. It doesn't have to be a complex construction plan, but a small sketch will help.

2. List
Make a list of what you want to change or redecorate. This supports you in your search for the right articles. It will also help you stay on your budget and not over-spend on things that you didn't plan for.

3. Declutter
Everything that stands around unnecessarily in your bathroom makes it restless and uncomfortable. Clear out your bathroom! Cosmetic items, etc. can be stored in beautiful baskets and are therefore no longer visible. Towels can be folded up nicely on a shelf or under the vanity.

4. Toothbrush & Co.
It looks better when the basic items such as toothbrushes, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, towels are kept in uniform natural colors. The overall picture looks harmonious.

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Photo by olimpia campean on Unsplash

5. Brightness through light
Whether you have a small or a large bathroom. We want lightness in the bathroom! This can be regulated very well with light. Everyone can consider oneself lucky who has daylight in the bathroom. For everyone else, make sure you have enough light. Of course, no glaring floodlights, otherwise there is no feeling of well being in the bathroom, but coherent, indirect lighting would be perfect. Suspended lamps made of wicker provide the necessary "ethnic look"! Large mirrors with wooden frames or foldable mirrors also gives the room more space and makes even small bathrooms appear more spacious.

6. Sink / shower tray / faucets
Sink: For the bathroom, I recommend installing 2 sinks whenever possible or a large one for 2 people. For the Mediterranean style, natural stone wash sinks for attachment are suitable. Noble materials such as marble or granite gives your bathroom a touch of luxury combined with naturalness. The wash counter can either be made of a thick wooden board or it can be bricked and covered with waxed concrete in the color of the wall or floor.
Shower tray: For the shower, walk-in showers are suitable, which can either be installed with correspondingly large shower trays or with natural stone tiles.
Faucets: Black faucets are currently trendy - but Inox remains always classic. Make sure these are large and tall. That looks noble.

7. Walls
Wall color: The walls in the bathroom should be light-colored. Use for this a washable wall paint in cream-white or a light ocher tone.
Waxed concrete: You can also clad the walls with a special concrete look in light ocher tones. You can buy this already mixed. The effect is super great - but my advice here is to have this done by a professional.
Natural stone tiles: What also creates a great Mediterranean look are `"Travertin" tiles.

8. Floor
The floor in the modern Mediterranean style is also light. Beige or light gray or ocher. Here, too, I recommend waxed concrete or large "Travertin" natural stone tiles. In addition a round carpet in ethnic style.

9. Additional decoration
If you don't have space for a shower wall made of glass, I recommend a light shower curtain in cream-white, a nice, large laundry basket made of wicker, small baskets to store cosmetics ... and if you want to underline the boho spirit, add a few palm leaves in a large vessel and set up a few candles.

So now, I wish you a lot of fun with your project. If you click >> here <<, you will find some products for your Mediterranean bathroom to add to your shopping list!

If you need any help, please feel free to use my >> deco coaching service <<. I look forward working with you.

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Modern Mediterranean bathroom

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