The Mediterranean lifestyle is an attitude towards life!

The Mediterranean lifestyle is an attitude towards life!

When I talk about the modern Mediterranean lifestyle, I first think of the Côte d'Azur and the Provence because I live here. But it's so much more. Many countries border the Mediterranean sea, which creates a great mix of cultural influences, natural warm colors and organic materials.

Mediterranean lifestyle

Mediterranean lifestyle in interior design

In modern Mediterranean interior design, whitewashed walls, stone and waxed concrete floors play a major role. The traditional terracotta that can be found all around the Mediterranean can be seen again in beautiful planted amphorae. Marble, which mainly comes from Italy, is also used in modern kitchens.

To loosen up the minimalist basic note, a mixture of the bohemian style of the 70s with macrame and rattan fabric is added, warm Moroccan elements with beautiful ceramics, glass and baskets and the spirit of the French Riviera with light colors, soft stripes and light linen fabrics.

The connecting element is always the sea and a special tree - the olive. Olive trees thrive in the entire Mediterranean area and their wood is often used in Mediterranean interior design.

Mediterranean lifestyle beach

Light colors have brought modernity to Mediterranean interior design. You can see that in the decoration of the whole house to the garden. Whether it's a Provencal country house, a Spanish finca or the typical white Greek house, they all invite us to a Mediterranean lifestyle with their soft shapes. 

The Mediterranean lifestyle goes through the stomach

Food also plays an immense role in the Mediterranean way of life. Due to the mild climate, life mainly takes place outdoor. It is very common around the Mediterranean to eat outside - even on mild winter days. 

Mediterranean lifestyle Apéro

The Mediterranean lifestyle also means enjoying a cozy aperitif with friends and family outdoors on mild evenings. To eat delicacies from the Mediterranean kitchen and to drink a good wine with it. Incidentally, this is also a deeply rooted culinary tradition in the European Mediterranean and is unquestionably one of the joys in life.

The Mediterranean lifestyle with sun-kissed days under azure blue sky

Spending the days and evenings outside - meeting people and enjoying the time together is, in my opinion, a basic need for people in the Mediterranean region. Sociability is very important. This is one of the reasons why a beautiful garden or terrace is a part of the culture.

Would you also like to create a nice terrace for next summer to enjoy an "aperitif" with your friends? I'll help you with my free mood board and shopping list. Here you will find all the elements for a modern Mediterranean terrace with bohemian elements.

I hope I was able to take you a little into the Mediterranean way of life.

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