In Provence, people spend a lot of time outdoors

In Provence, people spend a lot of time outdoors

The Mediterranean way of life!

In the Mediterranean area you can live outdoor and indoor practically all year (also in Provence except for a few colder weeks). The houses are designed in such a way that the outdoor and indoor spaces merge harmoniously. The mild climate always magically draws you outside.

Architects and interior designer combine terraces or balconies with the interior spaces. That is why you often find the same materials and colors inside and outside. The floors are often stone or terracotta tiles and more and more waxed concrete. The same harmonious colors can be found on the walls.

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Architects ensure that large open windows or patio doors are installed in rooms that lead outside to the patio or balcony. Whether living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen - a large door gives the room size. The transition from inside to outside is almost seamless thanks to the recurring use of the same materials.

Floor and wall materials should be carefully selected to suit the region with its temperature fluctuations and high levels of sunshine. The long, hot summer months push many building materials to their limits. A consultation for the materials is highly recommended.

In order not to let as much sun and heat into the house in summer, pergolas are often installed, which are covered with natural materials such as bamboo or willow. These provide shade and allow the air to circulate so that heat does not build up.

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Plants are a must. The olive tree is a plant found throughout the Mediterranean. It also finds its place in the modern Mediterranean style - in the garden or in beautiful clay pots. Pine trees give Provence its special charm. They are green all year round and in summer the resin smells wonderful! 

If you like it more modern and ethnic, you will find palm trees, strelitzias and cacti everywhere. And the herbs of Provence should not be missing in the kitchen - rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano and savory. Basil is said to keep mosquitoes and wasps away even in the summer, and of course it's also handy for adding flavor to salads and pasta.

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The green of the plants brings the calm modern Mediterranean interior colors to life and should not be missing in the outside and inside. Nicely arranged in pots and hanging baskets. Anyone who has ever walked through the small streets of a Provençal village will have noticed the full window sills with plants.

The outdoor dining table gets at least, if not more, attention than the dining room table inside. Aperitifs are the order of the day, regardless of the season. If it is too cold in the evening in winter, then the aperitif is made at midday at the weekend. It is very adaptable here.

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Be happy and enjoy your apéros with your family and friends!

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