How to choose wall decoration for your home

How to choose wall decoration for your home

Choosing the right wall decoration for our home is not always easy. For some, it's even the hardest part of setting up. There are questions such as, how to choose the right size, which colors match with my furniture or how do I combine different styles of art. It's easy to feel overwhelmed.

It doesn't matter whether you already know what you like or whether you are still thinking about what to choose. I have a few tips for you to find the right pieces that fit into your style and your home.

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Look at your walls and imagine it is a blank canvas. You can express your personality and tell your stories through colors, motifs and compositions. There are often personal things that we want to exhibit - and that's what makes a room feeling unique. It reminds us of what we love and shows us the things we are drawn to.

This will help you understand that choosing your wall decoration is more an intuitive process. You are well prepared to tell your own story yourself. In practice, there are a few steps that will help you make a purchase.


It's time to grab the tape measure.

tape measure on wood

If you have a large property with large walls and you are looking for a unique piece, choose large format wall decoration. Large pieces have the potential to have a really big impact on a room.

If you have a large or small wall and want to fill it with multiple pieces of art, consider a gallery wall. A good starting point is to mix and match complementary styles and colors. Take a close look at what's currently in your room - style, color and pattern themes. It can help you to decide what makes sense on your gallery wall.

If you want to add a little visual interest to a small, cozier room, opt for smaller frames.


Before you buy a new wall decoration for your room, you should think about which decoration and furniture you already have. For a mostly neutral space, rich or colorful art could be great. Or, if you already have a lot of color, texture, and pattern, look for simpler, more subtle artwork.

Be brave and mix styles or stick to the genre that feels right for you. There is no set formula for grouping art, so enjoy the process of trying something new in your home!

I hope that you will find something here that you love and that will add a new sense of joy and meaning to your home.

Where to find beautiful wall decorations?
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wall decoration 1   wall decoration 2

Baskets made of palm leaves, 35-40 cm, from 39,- € per item, zoco home
Macrame, 95cm, 199, - €, zoco home

wall decoration 3   wall decoration 4

Rattan mirror "Mageritte", Ø60 cm, 39,99 €, La Redoute
Mirror "Sunlight", Ø120cm, 279,- €, La Redoute

wall decoration 5

Panorama wallpaper "Aladin" Format: 432 x 300 cm high, 339,- €, La Redoute

wall decoration 6    wall decoration 7

Memo photo holder, 15 photos, 45 x 84 cm high, 23,60 €, La Redoute
Wall shelf made of pine and sisal, dimensions • Length: 60 cm, • Height with rope: 128 cm, • Depth: 20 cm, • Height between the shelves: 30 cm, 92,99 €, La Redoute

wall decoration 8   wall decoration 9

Set with 2 decorative dragonflies, Strakaza, • Large model: 36 x 28 cm • Small model: 26.5 x 24.5 cm, 64,99 €, La Redoute
Set of 7 frames and mirrors in the baroque style Manderley Maison Tilleul, 119, - €, decoclico

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