How to bring the modern Mediterranean style to your home?

How to bring the modern Mediterranean style to your home?

The Mediterranean style extends to all countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and focuses heavily on indoor and outdoor life. Light colors and natural materials are in the foreground here.

In general, when we speak about the Mediterranean style, we often think of southern European countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, France or Italy. But there are over 20 countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, so there is a mix of many Mediterranean cultures.

Especially in southern France on the Côte d'Azur, the Mediterranean style is referred to as the French Riviera style. An interpretation born in the 1930s that has experienced a resurgence in recent years.

The Mediterranean style appears timeless with its natural stone walls, exposed wooden beams or tiled floors and preserves the character of the property, while the addition of furniture and decoration keeps the house contemporary.

The most important features with which you can bring the Mediterranean style into your home.

  • Life happens equally outside and inside. Furnish outdoor areas such as a porch, balcony or terrace with the same care you would decorate interiors, with a cohesive aesthetic between indoors and outdoors

  • Plan a space for guests and family, with a lot of focus on common areas to provide multiple seating options and a large dining table

  • To create a cohesive look, use the same flooring throughout whenever possible, including outdoors if possible. Here the trend is clearly towards wide floorboards or tiles

  • Light, airy interiors: opt for white or cream tones on the walls. Consider whitewashing walls or floors to add texture and patina

  • Maximizing natural light and outdoor views. Create opportunities for indoor and outdoor living with French patio doors or sliding doors. Make the most of natural light with windows without curtains, or use pale, gauzy drapes

  • Use raw materials such as natural stone, untreated wood, bamboo or cement for surfaces

  • Less is more; focus on the essentials to keep clutter at bay

  • Use natural materials in finishes and decor such as wood, rattan, tiles, ceramics, terracotta, wrought iron, linen and cotton and choose rustic, sculptural objects, whether vintage or handmade, such as ceramics, bowls, baskets and vases

  • Use multiple textures to add warmth and interest

  • If your climate allows, choose Mediterranean greenery like potted olive or lemon trees. Otherwise, try placing twigs or simple dried flowers in a rustic vase.

  • Cover the floor with natural carpets, such as sisal or Berber carpets

  • Experiment with mosaic tiles to add interest and pattern to minimalist spaces

  • Use open shelving in the kitchen to display dishes, glasses and accessories

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