Airbnb & Co - How a good decoration can increase the occupancy rate of your rental property

Airbnb & Co - How a good decoration can increase the occupancy rate of your rental property


The decoration and furnishing style of your own home depends very much on your desires and ideas. And so that you feel comfortable, you also bring a lot of personality and emotions into it.

In the case of a rental property, on the other hand, which you would like to rent out to guests via Airbnb or other platforms, a classic style of living should be created that suits every guests.

Many trends come and go, but there are proven interior designs for furnishing a rental property or vacation home that impresses guests independent from temporarily trends. I’ve put together the best tips for decorating a successful rental property

1. Stick to neutral colors

Each season brings a new color trend. It is even more tempting to freshen up the rental property with a great color. And of course, there are also guests who think a splash of color is great, but you have to create a space that every potential guest can relate to.

A rental property should be kept in light neutral tones throughout the design, such as white or beige. This looks elegant and clean to the customer. In addition, natural materials such as wood or wicker have a calming effect. This gives you a competitive advantage over other providers.

A light neutral color palette makes even no spaces feel more open and larger, bringing in natural light.

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2. Flooring

To withstand a high level of utilization of your rental property, I recommend that you lay a hard floor covering. Travertin, tiles or very hard-wearing wooden parquet that is easy to clean, are ideal here. In the kitchen and bathroom/toilet you should definitely stick to travertin or tiles so that you don't have any surprises with water stains.

In the outdoor area I recommend you to stick with travertin as well. It feels warm and looks very classy.

3. Lighting

The right lighting is a very important part of decorating your rental property.

A lot of natural light coming into the interior of a home is creating a relaxed and welcoming place. But of course, it is also important to have cozy lighting throughout the property. Indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the main lights over the dining and living area, also use indirect lighting. This will improve the mood and create a warm and cozy ambiance for your guests.

Here you can use elegant floor lamps and hanging lamps. This gives your rental property style and aesthetics.

lamp shade
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Fira - Boho Lampshade | 40cm - Zoco Home

4. Furniture

Rely on durability when it comes to the furniture for your rental property. The furniture should not only be practical and comfortable, but also have a long life. With high-quality furniture you will stand out from the crowd in the rental market  - so this investment will definitely pay off.

Quality furniture is made from premium materials that provide your guests with long-lasting comfort, turning your rental property into a luxurious home.

You can upgrade the dining area with high-quality wood tables such as Suar or Teak. This kind of wood can also be used outdoors.

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In addition, using quality fabrics such as linen not only adds quality to your space, but also comfort and style, such as quality linen sofas. 

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IBIZA LINEN SOFA | 280CM - Zoco Home

In addition to a beautiful design, you should definitely pay attention to a high-quality mattress, duvet and pillow for the bed. This is often a crucial criterion for your guests. If your guests sleep well in a comfortable bed, it will, bring you an incredible benefit with regards to the ranking of your rental property.

5. Decoration and accessories

When furnishing a room or property, decoration is one of the most important elements. They give the room liveliness. A room looks unfinished without accessories.

Here you can now add texture, forms and colors.

There are various elements that makes a room attractive. Work with the focal point. This can be a beautiful wall decoration, a fireplace, a large picture... It brings texture and character to the room.

Wall Decoration
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Now it's time to implement your new design so that your rental property gets a high occupancy rate and your guests feel comfortable and satisfied.

Don’t hesitate to contact me today to make your rental property a beautiful, comfortable and successful place together.

Have fun decorating,

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