House cleaning - zero waste

House cleaning - zero waste

SAVON DE MARSEILLE - cleaning turns green!

Let a fresh breeze blow into your cleaning cupboard - your health, your home, your wallet and your creativity will benefit from it.

Natural and environmentally friendly cleaning agents have become more and more important in recent years. More and more people also pay attention to their health when cleaning. And it's more than easy to make your own cleaning supplies. All you need is a few ingredients:

Savon de Marseille

- Savon de Marseille (olive soap)
- Vinegar essence or citric acid
- baking soda
- if you like, a few drops of lavender oil for the good southern French fragrance

And you're ready to go!

Buy less - and use less

Reducing your consumption is the key to an ecological lifestyle. There is absolutely no need for different cleaning agents for the shower, wash basin or tiles. If you use fewer but good products, the ecological choice doesn't cost more. Rather, one should keep in mind that commercial chemical cleaning agents are often far too cheap.

Say no to single-use products such as single-use cleaning cloths. They not only violate all the rules of “reduce and reuse” but also often contain plastic and, above all, are not biodegradable. Instead, use microfiber cloths. These can be washed and reused regularly.

So everyone can make a small contribution to our environment and keep our water clean!

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