What? The holidays are already over and school days are coming? Already? As always, the holidays are too short.

We also see the "Rentrée" on September 1st. This year will be a slightly different start to school for everyone.

But - that the start of school is not too difficult, a nice kids room with a comfortable office chair, a great desk and a nice decoration will help!

A kids room is something very personal. It's a retreat, but also a place where friends are welcome. Here kids study hard, but also laugh, play and exchange secrets.

Here are a few ideas for girls and boys!

Rentr e Buerostuehle1 provenceliving.org

Rentr e Buerostuehle 2 provenceliving.org

Rentr e Schreibtische1 provenceliving.org

Rentr e Schreibtische 2 provenceliving.org

Rentr e Deko 1 provenceliving.org

Rentr e Deko 2 provenceliving.org

Have a good start everybody !!

Take care,

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